As one of the leaders in the print industry in South Africa, with entities across the country, we believe that we have a responsibility to the communities in which we operate to provide the means for empowerment, upliftment and to assist in ensuring the safety and sustainability of these communities. As such each entity has several CSI projects that they support, and while there are guidelines from Group, the entities are urged to facilitate and work with these organisations independently.

Human Rights Day – Relate Bracelets – 2017

Based in the Western Cape, this initiative is a 100% not-for-profit social enterprise that creates social upliftment by focusing on creating opportunities for those who need them within the organisation. Relate Bracelets are handmade and all the proceeds to towards changing lives and restoring basic human rights.
We chose The Tomorrow Trust as the recipient of our contribution. The Tomorrow Trust is dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty by using holistic education. They support and develop orphans, children and youth to reach their potential and become leaders that are self-sustainable and proactive citizens.
Our donation of R69, 000 helped the project enable its beneficiaries to strive for a life of meaning and dignity.

World Water Day – 2017

In South Africa, there are approximately five million people in rural communities who don’t have access to clean drinking water. To assist with this basic need, Novus Holdings partnered with Roundabout Water Solutions to install a PlayPump, a sustainable water pumping system that supplies clean drinking water, at a specific location identified by Roundabout Water Solutions. PlayPump works with the South African Department of Water Affairs to install these pumps in communities that need it the most. The PlayPump system is powered by a merry-go-round that pumps water when children play on it, providing them with a constructive and beneficial way to use their energy.

Shiloh Synergy – 2017

Shiloh Synergy began in 1995 when Andre Beeton and Pastor Nanda Govender started the Wallacedebe Soup Kitchen, in the Wallacedene settlement outside Cape Town.
Since then, the organisation’s borders have expanded and the interest in its social upliftment work has increased. As a result, the Shiloh Christian Upliftment Centre was founded and officially registered by the Department of Welfare as a non-profit organisation in 2004.

To support their expanding footprint and the growing need, we offered a b of R 30 000 to assist with their continued support within the communities in which they operate, driving excellence in education and intellectual development.


021 981 8241

New Dawn – 2017

The Cape Flats is known as a gang-riddled community and children are exposed to violence, gun-running and drug abuse. New Dawn, which has operated since 2008 and is a registered PBO and NGO, operates in the underprivileged community of Kewtown in the Cape Flats. It is their aim to keep the children of this community motivated to complete their education by encouraging them to have dreams and goals.
In support of the organisation’s outstanding work, we donated R 30 000 in the form of financial aid, to assist towards making a difference in the lives of our youth.

Call 2 Care: Food Gardens – 2017

A non-profit organisation, Call 2 Care is involved in community development projects that facilitate the involvement and cooperation of communities, corporate companies, NGOs and volunteers. With projects that range from health and nutrition at hospitals and children’s homes, empowering SA’s local artists, to implementing drought resistant food gardens they continue to positively impact lives in disadvantaged communities.
Novus Holdings is involved in the iGardi Project which teaches underprivileged communities to grow their own food gardens, providing a more balanced and nutritious diet. The fruit and vegetables are grown in boxes that are not only low maintenance but also water the plants from the bottom up from a reserve of water at the bottom of the boxes, using 70% less water than conventional growing.
Schools that have benefitted are:
Marconi Beam Primary School – 12 new food boxes were provided along with a JOJO water tank.
Du Noon Recreational Hub – 12 of the proposed 67 new food boxes were provided as part of the first phase of this initiative.
William Lloyd Primary School – 12 food boxes were received.

World Aids Day – Acres of Love – 2016

Based in Gauteng, Acres of Love provides a loving, nurturing and safe environment for children who have been orphaned or affected by HIV and AIDS. They provide a forever home for the children as well as ‘House Parents’ who are there to counsel the children.
It therefore seemed only fitting that we make a financial donation of R30, 000 and provide red ribbons for the staff on International AIDS Day on December 1st.

Community Crisis Centre – 2016

Founded in 1998 in Gauteng, the Community Crisis Centre was established to meet the needs of the Reiger Park Senior Citizens. Over the years the program has evolved to include the following community-based services:
• Community care for children who have been orphaned as well as those who are vulnerable because of their living situation. The Centre also cares for child-headed households
• Households that are dependent on grandparents for care
• HIV/Aids and TB support programs
• A drop-in center.

To support this worthy organisation we donated R70, 000 in financial aid.

Die Eiland Huis – 2016

Die Eiland Huis, based in Stompneus Bay, in the Western Cape, provides a safe haven for children and adults suffering from a range of physical and mental disabilities.

Our corporate sponsorshiphas enabled 13 severely disabled children to experience an enriching and normal life in this safe and loving environment.

Miqlat NPC – 2016

In 2009, Monte Christo Miqlat (MCM) Children’s Home, based in the Western Cape, received a 20 year lease from the Drakenstein Municipality for the New Orleans Sports ground. This property, which used to be a quality sports ground, had been left to decay and was a site for gang activity and other negative influences.

By early 2010, MCM was able to complete the first phase of renewal, which included repaired fencing, two full-size football pitches and a field hockey pitch, offices, storage, and stands to watch the games. By the middle of 2010, the fields were up and running to host up to 1000 children a week in sports programs.

As part of the second phase of renewal, we assisted with renovations which will benefit the home and its children for many years to come.


021 872 5580

Rolemodels Foundation – 2016

The Rolemodels Foundation, a Non-Profit Organisation based in the Eastern Cape, provides support to children through daycare, child welfare, social and child services.

In support of this worthy organisation we contributed financial aid to the value of R 10 000.

Ons Kinder Jeugsorgsentrum – 2016

This is a special program set up by the Environmental Non-Governmental Organization (ENGO), which provides protection, care, educational, developmental and treatment programs from a Christian’s perspective to as many children as possible in the Free State.

In recognition of the difference, this program is making, offered a corporate sponsorship of R 25 000 to ensure that this program continues to reach children in the province.

Come Back Mission – 2016

Come Back Mission (CBM), is a non-profit organisation located in Eldorado Park, Johannesburg, and is driven by a strong passion and desire to create change and give hope. The organisation offers holistic healing and transformation to marginalised people and communities affected by poverty, high school dropouts, alcohol & drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, teenage pregnancy, high unemployment rate and single parent households.
As these very real issues are all too prevalent in South Africa, it made sense to play a part by offering the Come Back Mission organisation a corporate sponsorship of R 25 000.


011 342 5576

Phoenix Child Welfare – 2016

Phoenix Child Welfare engages in therapeutic counseling, education and empowerment programs that are aimed at addressing HIV infection and the issues of those affected by HIV, teenage pregnancies, abused children and gender-based violence.
Operating for over 35 years, it is registered NPO with over 100 members who encourage dialogue and debate on matters affecting the youth.
Our financial aid contribution was utilised for community upliftment, HIV/AIDS awareness, advocacy on gender issues, campaigns focussing on protection of children and preservation of families, poverty alleviation, youth mentorship and leadership programmes through the NPO’s Children’s Foundation.