Building strong foundations for future growth


In the year 2000 a company was founded on a passion for printing and a desire to create a personal service within the industry. Formerly known as the Paarl Media Group, Novus Holdings has become an African leader in the print and manufacturing sector.


At Novus Holdings, we are committed to making a sustainable difference in the communities in which we operate. In 2014 we decided to focus our CSI efforts on education. As a result, the Future Foundations Initiative was born in 2015 as our primary CSI program.
The Future Foundations Initiative aims to build strong foundations for future growth by focusing on education, skills development, and community engagement.
The principle behind the Future Foundations Initiative is an approach of giving ‘a hand up, not a hand-out’. This is essentially how we as a Group approach all social investment projects and sets this program apart from all others.
We believe that by providing the right type of support, we can help a beneficiary from becoming forever reliant on donors, and rather empower them to grow independently.
Focus on education:
At Novus Holdings we believe that education is a mechanism for upliftment. As a responsible corporate citizen, we support relevant initiatives that make a difference and provide learners with the right tools to empower themselves as they can then go on to teach others.
Empowering beneficiaries to be independent is crucial to their success and longevity:
We aim to provide support that will empower beneficiaries to become sustainable and fully independent, following one to two years of guidance.
The support provided can be in the form of mentorship, guidance on business management, basic start-up packs and equipment, management courses for the NGO leader/s, or much needed renovations assistance at their facilities.

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