The Emagqabini Academy



The Emagqabini Education Academy was founded by husband and wife team Cindy Mkaza and Linda Siboto, who became troubled by the lack of support for children struggling with homework. The problem was a personal one for Cindy, when she saw her younger sister receive poor marks at school, and realised that many other learners were lacking in assistance. The Academy offers basic Maths and English classes every Saturday at the Site B library in Khayelitsha in the Western Cape for grade 8-10 learners. Tutors are volunteers, many of whom are teachers and other community members.


Support: Year 1

Project support commenced in 2014 and in order to assist the Emagqabini Education Academy in its start-up phase, Novus Holdings donated two laptops, a projector and basic stationery for tutors. In addition, a cash donation was made which contributed to transport assistance for tutors and learners, as well as providing an internet connection.


Support: Year 2

The Academy thrived in its second year with over 60 learners attending. Novus Holdings provided printed notes and worksheets to assist leaners. The Academy was also featured in our internal publication People Inc., where Lukhanyo Gunundu, an employee at Novus Holdings, took notice and offered his tutoring service in Maths. In addition, branded clothing was distributed to learners and tutors.



Cindy Mkaza-Siboto

Linda Siboto