This approach involves significant investments in business development, market opportunities, equipment, manpower and/or other financing needs that directly benefit the Group’s supply chain. Supplier development directly affects the company’s overall profitability and improves the total added value from the supplier. The Group’s supplier development beneficiaries include PEM Finishing, Rodco Finishing, and Van’s Bookbinders,

PEM Finishing

Established in 2006, PEM Finishing is the brainchild of Patrick Avontuur and Ernest Maasdorp, who wanted to become financially independent and to provide employment for those from previously disadvantaged communities in South Africa. Today, PEM Finishing employs 232 permanent staff members and 133 fixed-term employees in a core business that includes the insertion and bagging of magazines, as well as the placement of specific paged inserts or samples. Their vision is to become the best mail house, within the domain in which they operate, through their continued insertion of value-added promotional printed products for Paarl Media Cape.
In the financial year ending March 2017, Novus Holdings made significant contributions towards PEM Finishing that were calculated in two ways: the rental space they occupy at one of the Group’s plants; and short-payment terms that they received.

Rodco Finishing

Another supplier of Novus Holdings is Rodco Finishing, which was established five years ago, in June 2012. Their vision was and still is to become a preferred supplier of hand-finishing services to the Group, while simultaneously creating employment and empowering staff with development opportunities. Their scope of works includes the delivery of all handwork for magazines and commercial print jobs (from insertions to tip-ins) while providing a professional service that is managed a dynamic team. Rodco Finishing currently employs 180 permanent staff members, and in a busy period, their numbers can swell to 250 as they strive to provide superior services to Novus Holdings while maintaining socio-economic upliftment within the economy at large.
In the financial year ending March 2017 Novus Holdings made significant contributions to Rodco Finishing through the rental space they occupy at one of the Novus Holdings plants and through various short-term payments that were made by the Group.

Van’s Bookbinders

Based in Epping Industria, Van’s Bookbinders is a 100% black-owned bookbinding and print-finishing company that was originally established in 2001 with just 10 employees. Since then, it has grown to such an extent that today it has a permanent staff contingent of 30. Owner Ivan van Oudtshoorn, who was a Nasionale Pers employee in 1975, was given the opportunity to start his own hand-binding division at Paarl Print in 2000. Van’s Bookbinders, which completes all its binding jobs by hand, started purchasing second-hand machinery from other factories. Their most recent acquisition, thanks to an interest-free loan from Novus Holdings, is a Kolbus hard-case bookbinding machine.
As a result of the Group’s investment, Van’s has seen an increased volume of work. Their vision is to become one of South Africa’s largest independently owned black-empowered bookbinders and to develop long-standing mutually beneficial client relationships, through the provision of the following high-quality services: thread-sewn books with soft covers, perfect binding, hard-case binding, luxury leather-bound books, the repair and restoration of old books, slipcases and boxes.